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Send HIPAA compliant text updates to your families from
the operating room, NICU, ICU and medical floor with EASE.

Updates directly from the operating room

EASE allows the secure transmission of custom texts, photos and videos from medical
professionals to their patients and their patients’ loved ones via HIPAA compliant texting.
See the innovative way we are changing healthcare communication and how EASE works.

Increased communication and satisfaction.

EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) is a HIPAA compliant texting platform that enables your clinicians to send updates on the status of patients undergoing procedures or staying in your hospital via texts, photos and videos. Families feel like they never left their loved one’s side. EASE uses 3G, LTE or WiFi connections (when available).  256-bit encryption offers online banking-level security that you know and trust. EASE allows for HIPAA compliant texting and insures private health information is protected.
  • Send custom updates through texts, photos and videos.
  • Messages disappear after 60 seconds from all devices.
  • Collect satisfaction data from patients and loved ones via our EASE surveys.
  • Language feature allows for pre-scripted messages to be sent in other languages.
  • Speech dictation enabled so you can dictate your updates without the need to type.

See the innovative way we are changing
health care communication at Arnold Palmer Hospital. 

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Stay Connected with EASE HIPAA compliant texting.

All messages are sent using 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit.  You can rest comfortably knowing you are updating families using the same level of security used when banking online.  With the click of a button, patients can add family and friends to keep them informed and relaxed.

Encrypted texts, photos, and videos are sent by the medical team through a secure cloud-based server and disappear after 60 seconds. NOTHING is stored on any mobile device. EASE is FREE to the family and friends of patients.  An annual subscription is paid for by the medical institution.   In order to participate in EASE, your medical facility must be enrolled in the EASE program.

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