Fox 16 News Arkansas Children’s fundraiser for EASE Applications in the CVICU.

Health Matters: EASE App Sought for Arkansas Children’s Hospital Two parents are on a mission to improve communication between doctors and the families of patients.They want Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) to use an app that gives real-time...
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EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) Applications is Making Hospital Stays and Surgeries Less Stressful

Every year over 150 million surgeries are performed throughout the United States and millions of loved ones are left waiting anxiously as their friends and family members are wheeled into labor and delivery units, outpatient surgical centers, and hospital...
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How Health Care and Hospital Administrators Can Improve Patient Satisfaction and Patient Engagement with EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) Applications

As a health care or hospital administrator you plan, oversee, lead, and manage patient services and medical resources in accordance with relevant regulations. You are also responsible for implementing new technology, while continually seeking ways to...
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