Security is our priority

End-to -End Encryption

All messages are sent using AES 256-bit Encryption.

All messages deleted

All messages deleted nightly from our servers and within 60 seconds of viewing.

SOC2- TYPE 2 audited

EASE leverages Amazon AWS and Kony platforms for the highest level of compliance.

Independently audited

Independent penetration test and a Veracode Assessment have been performed on the platform.

Integration options

Optional integration with EMR or hosted outside your environment.

True transparency equals higher satisfaction scores.


Send custom texts, photos and videos.

Add  family and friends 

EASE allows the patient to create a network of loved ones to receive all the updates you send.

Pre-formed messages
in 9 languages

Quickly send messages from Pre-op, Surgery, PACU, ICU and the Medical Floor with EASE. Choose your language and pre-translated messages appear in English for you to select and send. Efficient, fast and easy to use. Communication with all your patients in now in the palm of your hands.

Real-time feedback to your nurses

An engaged nursing team is key to any hospital initiative. Families can like, heart and thank the nurses in real-time for their messages with EASE Reactions emojis. EASE promotes nursing engagement and improves the patient provider relationship. Nurses feel appreciated for sending messages and connect with their patients in a whole new way.

All messages disappear

EASE messages last for 60 seconds before they are deleted from the device after viewing. In addition, all messages by default are deleted from our servers on a nightly basis. You cannot save any of the texts, photos or videos to your device. EASE does offer optional storage of media for hospitals that require.  

Real-time Surveying

The importance of measuring and demonstrating the value of a hospital initiative is paramount. EASE surveys are customizable and allow you to survey your families instantly as the process is happening. Why wait weeks for a standard mail survey when you get get instant feedback and allow your team to perform real-time service recovery.

Real-time foundation donations

EASE gives you a whole new way to reach potential donors as they show their appreciation for this service. EASE gives recipients the opportunity to donate to the hospital’s foundation right in the app.
Reach a global community in real-time.

In-app branding for the hospital. 

Reach a global audience with your brand and extend your care beyond the hospital walls. 

Advanced reporting with a national reach

Independent penetration test and a Veracode Assessment have been performed on the platform to ensure the highest of compliance.

Built upon the SOC-2 Type 2 certified Kony platform. 

Built upon the SOC-2 Type 2 certified Amazon AWS platform.

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