Thank you so much! You have gone above and beyond to keep us informed and try to put us at ease.
Awesome app. Kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you
Thank you for keeping us updated! It was a big relief! The entire team was great!
This app is great and made me feel involved during my family members procedure.
This system made our experience much less stressful, as we knew exactly what was going on and when / where we were needed.
Being in out-of-state this app makes me more comfortable with what is happening with family members having surgery.
 Thank you ladies so much for making sure I always see my boy! I appreciate you all so much!!! 💕
Thank you for the periodic updates! Very good idea to keep a patients loved ones mind’s at ease throughout the whole process.
Thank you for the updates makes it easier for us a parents to know our children are fine ..God bless
This app is the best thing to keep family updated. Time went by faster knowing what was going on. Thank you for your concern not only for the patient but the patients family.
This is great! It really makes things so much easier and you feel like you are so up to date with the entire procedure!
Helped ease the anxiety of sitting in a waiting room not knowing how the surgery was going. Love this app.
Love the ease app! It gives peace of mind during the “waiting” period.