Peace of Mind For Every Waiting Room.

Send customized texts, photos and videos directly from the operating room,
NICU, ICU and Medical Floor.  Communicate like never before with your families.

Video messages from clinicians 

Stop searching for your families after surgery. Let them know when you are done and ready to speak with them. Send updates directly to your families after rounding on your patients.

Healthcare communication via text updates

Messages can be as simple as a quick text update on the status of the procedure.

Healthcare communication made easy.

Keep families updated and informed from the NICU, PICU and ICU.

Communicate in a modern way.

Nervous to send pictures? You don’t always have to send a picture, however our research has shown higher satisfaction scores when you send pictures to families. We supply you with protocols, nursing policies and scripts to ensure proper doctor and nursing to family communication.

Full transparency equals higher satisfaction.

EASE modernizes hospital communication and improves patient experience. Connecting your patients loved ones during surgery is in the palm of your hands.

Communicate to your families from
the NICU and increase satisfaction scores.

See EASE in action at the Arnold Palmer Hospital 140 bed NICU.

EASE App became lifeline for
new parents during Hurricane Irma.


EASE your anxiety

With EASE Applications secure texting platform you can not only update your patient’s family, but also educate them on the medical procedure.  Use pictures to explain what is happening in real-time and educate them on the medical procedure.  The fear of the unknown can be scarier than reality and EASE helps create transparency to reduce those concerns. With EASE Applications your families will never wait in the dark again.

We loved this app! Communication between the doctor and family is so important and this made it so easy.

-Family of EASE patient

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