Adult Hospital Press Ganey scores after 2 months of implementation.


Hospital rating increase of 8%

Communication with Nurses increase 67%

Communication with physicians increase 7%

Recommend hospital increase 22%


6 month HCAHPS Survey Comparison Study


1)  6% average increase in adult patients

2)  4% average increase in pediatric patients

3)  EASE raised the average scores of 9 HCAHPS questions

4)  Hospitals with more EASE utilization saw higher HCAHPS scores

5)  Hospitals that sent pictures and videos received higher HCAHPS scores


Surgical Patients that experienced EASE
Surgical Patients that did not experience EASE

n = 3,585
p < 0.05

HCAHPS questions EASE improved

The influence of improved communication on Press Ganey Scores in the NICU

During a 6 month evaluation, Press Ganey scores were analyzed and demonstrated a steady increase as the EASE program became more widely adopted and utilization increased. Press Ganey Patient Experience Scores increased 4.4%.

EASE featured in the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst.

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What you will learn:

Top 6 reasons patient communication improves satisfaction

What the research data says about HIPAA compliant texting to families

How to increase your HCAHPS scores



Nationwide Children’s improves satisfaction scores 17.5% with EASE

The team at Nationwide Children’s hospital were one of the first in the nation to securely update families from the operating room and have seen a huge impact on their patient satisfaction scores.  See article by eHealthcare Strategy and Trends highlighting Nationwide Children’s patient satisfaction increase from 80% to 97.5% with EASE.

Over 4,500 surveys at one hospital


If you or a loved one required future medical procedures would you choose the EASE program again?


Achieve the triple aim

EASE presents significant value to a hospital and its staff by providing healthcare facilities with an easy to implement, secure and sustainable communications platform to connect to all of their patients’ families.  As hospitals strive to achieve the triple aim of increasing patient satisfaction, improving population health and reducing the cost per capita of healthcare;
EASE gives hospitals a powerful tool to improve patient and family satisfaction.  With 30% of hospital reimbursement being tied to patient satisfaction, hospitals are looking for unique and innovative ways to improve not only the patient experience, but also that of their loved ones.

“EASE has completely revolutionized how our institution is able to communicate with families. We are now able to take the families on a journey with us as their loved one is in surgery. Their positive feedback has been incredible.”

Ashley Hodge, MBA, CCP, FPP
Cardiothoracic Surgery Quality and Safety Officer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.


“What does the Research and Data
say about EASE Applications?”


Powerful and simple to use

EASE is not meant to replace a nurse, an in person update or the need to speak to a family personally.  EASE makes communicating easier to do and in the modern way we interact every day.  EASE data has shown that anxiety levels in families spike if they haven’t heard an update within 30 minutes.  EASE automatically reminds you every 30 minutes to send a message and helps create consistency of communication with your patient’s family. Nurses love EASE because it creates efficiency, makes their job of communicating simple and keeps it secure.