Reduced anxiety and
improved family experience

Increased patient
loyalty to the hospital

Improved clinical workflow

Increased nursing engagement

Increased HCAHPS scores 

Survey your families in real-time.

Over 8,000 patient’s families surveyed


Strongly Agree the availability of EASE would influence their choice of hospital.


Strongly Agree because of EASE they would recommend this hospital.


Strongly Agree that EASE showed a commitment to transparency and communication by the hospital.


Strongly Agree that EASE reduced their anxiety.

Improve HCAHPS With Ease.


Higher average Press Ganey scores on 9 questions for patients that received EASE.

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EASE increases Press Ganey Scores in the NICU

During a 6 month study, Press Ganey scores increased as the EASE program was adopted throughout the 140 bed NICU. Press Ganey Patient Experience Scores increased 4.4%.

EASE featured in the New England
Journal of Medicine Catalyst

Improving Communication from the Operating Room: A New Mobile Application to Enhance the Family Experience

Nurses surveyed unanimously
agreed that EASE is

  1. Incredibly rewarding

  2. Not disruptive to their day

  3. Creates more efficiency

  4. Valuable to the family

  5. Enjoyable for them

  6. More reliable than a phone call

EASE has improved the efficiency of our staff and workflow to enable us to increase the amount of communications with family, without adding additional processes to our clinical team. 


Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Communication and malpractice

Recent research(1) has shown that communication issues are a root cause in malpractice claims.   The impact of the doctor-patient relationship is critical to not only a positive patient experience, but also reducing malpractice claims.  According to the research(1) examined, plaintiff depositions found that 71% of the malpractice claims were initiated as a result of a physician-patient relationship problem. This research also demonstrated that the most litigious patients perceived their physician as not caring, not transparent and devalued the patient’s family opinions.  The same researchers found that one out of four plaintiffs in malpractice cases reported poor delivery of medical information, with 13% citing poor listening on the part of the physician.
EASE gives you a simple but powerful tool to provide communication with patients and families, creating transparency and improving the doctor-patient relationship.  EASE has proven to reduce anxiety and impact the overall process.

(1)Huntington, B., & Kuhn, N. (2003). Communication gaffes: A root cause of malpractice claims. Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings, 16, 157-161. pubmed

Learn about the impact EASE is having on patient satisfaction and nursing engagement around the country.


“What doctors think of EASE”



Real-time surveys

After every procedure a customizable survey is generated on the device of everyone that received updates.  EASE empowers you to track any data you want at the end of every procedure in real-time to increase patient satisfaction, improve healthcare communication with patients and families and increase transparency.  Now you can track satisfaction data as it is happening.