Simple and secure
medical communication

Communicate with your patient’s family and
track satisfaction results with real-time surveying.

No complicated infrastructure or hardware needed.
Simply download in the app store.

Get connected in 3 easy steps.

EASE is made up of two apps.  The first, EASE MD, is the app that clinicians use to send the updates.  The other, EASE, is what patients and their families use to receive the updates and complete their satisfaction surveys.


Get connected by simply following three steps.

1.  Patient registers on their device

2.  Clinician scans patient’s device

3.  Clinician scans patient’s medical bracelet

Both apps are available for download in the iOS and Android app stores.

EASE has created an incredibly simple process that mimics the workflow nurses already know.  EASE connects to the standard hospital bracelet every patient wears.

 Sending updates is as simple as scanning the “Bar Code”
on the medical bracelet and texting your update.

Patient Registration

EASE does not delay starts, create havoc in Pre-Op or on the floor.  To begin, a patient simply downloads EASE using their own personal device in the app store and completes a quick four step process.

The patients completes a simple registration.

Patient chooses the type of updates they want sent.

Patient chooses the recipients of the updates.

Patient shows medical provider their QR Code to get scanned.

Login and Go

EASE is preloaded on a hospital device  (iPod, iPhone, Android or Tablet). The medical provider logs into the EASE MD app and can now admit patients into the system or send updates throughout the entire hospital.

Send Pre-Op, Surgery, PACU, NICU, PICU, ICU
and Medical Floor updates.

Scan Medical Bracelet

After scanning the patient’s phone, simply scan the bar code on the patient’s medical bracelet and your are connected.  Once complete, sending a message is as simple as scanning the medical bracelet and typing your message.

EASE is 100% one-way communication
and is just like texting. 




Scan & Send

To send a message simply scan the patient’s medical bracelet bar code.  EASE mimics the texting apps you use every day, but is made for HIPAA compliant secure texting.  Increase your patient satisfaction scores and communicate efficiently.  See our research data from the over 7000 families that have been surveyed.

EASE Updates last 60 seconds

before they disappear and nothing is saved on any device.

See EASE example updates


Collect feedback

At the end of every EASE session, a customizable survey is generated.  This allows the hospital to collect the valuable patient satisfaction data they need for efficiency and process improvement.  These survey data results are supplied back to the hospital to improve and track patient satisfaction.
 Learn more about how EASE is increasing patient satisfaction, improving secure medical communication and improving patient experience.

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