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Superior communication in healthcare using pictures and videos sent from the operating room.

“I wasn’t sure I would want to see the images, but it was amazing how at ease it made me.”  This is one of the most common reactions we hear from families following their experience with EASE after a loved one’s surgery.  A text message, picture...
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New research study shows texting families during surgery reduces anxiety

It is great to see an independent study confirming what we have known for over three years.  “The findings of this study showed that [short message service] SMS is an effective intervention to reduce parental anxiety of AIS patients undergoing PSF...
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A Nurse Perspective on Patient Communication from the Operating Room

The EASE Program was created to decrease the anxiety of families during their loved one’s surgery and increase their understanding of the medical process. What we didn’t anticipate was the increased bond it created between those nurses sending hipaa compliant...
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