Convenience is Critical for Today’s Patients and Families

Traditionally, the two words “convenience” and “healthcare” typically don’t go hand-in-hand.

With today’s world boasting accessibility and convenience in almost every aspect of our daily lives, it’s important for hospitals to provide similar availability. From UberEats to Amazon Prime, people are now becoming accustomed to tracking features and constant status updates, which now begs the question of “why can’t I track my loved on in the hospital?”

EASE Applications has been able to drastically change customary hospital waiting rooms and clinician to family communication with one simple app. Sent directly to family’s smartphones, clinicians are able to provide custom and HIPAA compliant text, picture and video updates throughout the patient’s continuum of care. One of the biggest benefits of this accessibility is the increase in transparency from clinician to family – families no longer need to be left in the dark with how their loved one is doing in surgery, ICU or medical floor. Families overwhelmingly agree – when asked if EASE influences their choice of hospital, 93 percent of those surveyed responded with “strongly agree”. 

EASE has connected thousands of family members with one another seamlessly through has been proven to reduce overall anxiety and improve the family experience by the seamless transmission of updates from anywhere in the hospital. 

Learn more about how EASE works here.