Daily Beast – EASE, a New App, Makes Surgery a Little Less Scary for Worried Families

The Daily Beast highlights the story of EASE and the impact on patient satisfaction, hospital experience and family anxiety. In May, Melissa Nadeau’s 2-year-old son underwent spinal surgery at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Nadeau was anxious. “He’s had surgery before,” she told The Daily Beast. “I had absolutely no clue what was going on, I was pacing a lot. My nerves were heightened.”

But Nadeau’s frayed nerves were a little calmer with an app. EASE, a messaging application, was created in 2013 after a group of pediatric surgeons started texting updates from within the operating room and saw immediate benefits from more contact with worried parents.

“They opened a window to the operating room, and saw that positive reaction from families,” Patrick de la Roza, CEO at EASE applications.

See full article in the Daily Beast here. 

EASE enables hospital clinicians with the ability to securely send updates to patient families throughout the hospital experience. HIPAA compliant texting is now easier than ever with EASE secure messaging. Increasing patient satisfaction scores and improving patient communication is now at your fingertips. Learn more.

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