Don’t Settle for Less: EASE’s Superiority to Competing Platforms and Camera Systems

The arrival of a new family member is an exciting and emotional event, but when the newborn’s first few critical days, weeks, or even months are spent in a hospitals Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), that joy is also met with stress and separation. Your baby may be transferred to another hospital’s NICU, you may need to have a surgery and can’t be with your baby, or other situations may prevent you from being in the NICU 24/7. This separation is difficult but EASE makes it easier by allowing medical professionals the ability to provide you and your loved ones with updates throughout your baby’s NICU stay. Some hospitals use similar platforms and/or camera systems but there is just no comparison to the benefits and peace of mind provided with EASE.

Simply Superior

EASE is intentionally not a live web stream documenting and broadcasting all nursing actions, instead it is a more controlled and informative method for communicating to families. Not only do camera systems require hospital IT departments to maintain, upgrade and manage the platforms (the EASE app automatically updates quarterly so you will always have the latest version) they are also dashboard based, which is inconvenient for nurses on the move (EASE is always in their pocket on a mobile device.) EASE is also on average 65% cheaper than camera systems while also requiring less bandwidth, making it more easily accessible for traveling parents and family members.

Operational Inefficiencies, Relocation, and Emergencies

NICUs using camera systems can experience operational inefficiencies, and additional phone calls. Camera systems also make relocation difficult. By being tied to patients’ medical bracelets, EASE is created for hospital workflow and can continue to update throughout thehospital (NICU, OR, Pre-Op, PACU, ICU, etc) not only where cameras are placed. A major downside to camera systems is how to handle emergencies—turning the camera off will leave a family in the dark. With EASE, the hospital staff has the control to send updates as they are appropriate.

Support and Security

EASE is equipped with a US based customer support staff available from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. EASE is built on SOC2-Type 2 certified platforms [certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)] and independently tested to verify security and protection of hospital PHI with Veracode assessment and penetration tests.

Ease Your Mind with EASE

TheEASE app provides the ultimate incommunicationbetween NICU staff and the families of their tiniest patients. With EASE, medical professionals are able to provide real-time text messages, pictures, and short video clips from the NICU directly to you and your loved ones’ smartphones—anywhere in the world! These personalized messages and updates create a true connection with families where a video stream simply cannot. For more information about EASE, contact ustoday.

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