More reasons to❤️EASE.

EASE 5.0 is now available.

5.0 will be available on January 16’th with a whole new set of features and enhancements. EASE will enhance the experience for our nurses with all new features aimed to improve the experience and provide immediate feedback. We have added pre-made messages in English and 8 new languages. Languages include English, Arabic, Chinese, Creole, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  EASE reactions allow families to respond to updates with feedback going directly to the nurse’s app. Nurses also have the ability to read survey comments from families in the app.

New 5.0 Features

Resigned EASE MD home screen.

EASE Emotions allows patient’s loved ones to react to messages so you know they received them.

Notification Center to see survey comments and reactions in the app.

Forgot to discharge a patient? Patients are automatically discharged after two days of inactivity.

Confirmation sounds on actions in EASE MD.

Enhanced scanning experience and interface.

Auto logout of EASE MD time limit now configurable. You can have more time before you are logged out or less based on your IT department requirements.

EASE MD Logout alert notifies you one minute before you will be logged out.

New pre-made messages for Pre-op, PACU and Medical floor.

Enhanced menu experience for picking pre-made messages.

Ability for families and friends of patients to donate to the Hospital’s Foundation through EASE.

7 new languages with pre-made messages for all the hospital’s workflows.

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