EASE 5.0: Updated to Better Serve Patients, Families, and Nurses

EASE mobile app’s real-time customized texts, photos, and videos have kept thousands of friends and family members updated on their loved one’s medical progress. Interaction, feedback, and surveys have led to an updated version: EASE 5.0. To better serve patients, families, and nurses, EASE 5.0. will soon be released with a whole new set of features and enhancements aimed to improve the experience and provide immediate feedback for nurses.

Sights and Sounds

A resigned EASE MD home screen will greet medical staff in EASE 5.0 along with an enhanced scanning experience and interface. Confirmation sounds on actions assure nurses and medical staff that they have completed a task.

More Languages and Pre-Made Messages

Pre-made messages have been added for Pre-op, PACU, the medical floor, and all hospital workflows in English, Arabic, Chinese, Creole, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The menu experience has also been enhanced for selecting among the pre-made messages.

Two-Way Feedback

In EASE 5.0, nurses have the ability to read survey comments and reactions from families in the Notification Center. Nurses can also feel appreciated for sending messages and connect with their patients in a whole new way with EASE Reactions emojis. EASE Reactions emojis allow families to like, heart, and thank the nurses in real-time for their messages with feedback going directly to the nurse’s app.

Configurable Auto-Logout

Auto logout is now configurable, meaning nurses can have more or less time before being logged out (based on IT department requirements). Plus, EASE MD Logout alert will notify you one minute before you will be logged out.

Instant Donations

To show their appreciation, families and friends of patients can donate directly to the hospital’s foundation right in the app.

The Same EASE You Love—But Better

EASE has been proven to significantly increase patient engagement, while improving patient satisfaction and patient loyalty to hospitals. It also creates workflow efficiency by simply and securely (256-bit encryption, all messages sent disappear after 60 seconds, and nothing is saved to the mobile device) transmitting custom texts, photos, and videos from medical professionals to their patients and their patients’ loved ones. EASE 5.0 is the same EASE platform you know and love—only better!

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