Michael Minear Senior Vice President and CIO speaks to LVHN’s Ease experience as featured in Becker’s Hospital Review

The Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) has focused for years to improve how the organization serves patients and families and to ensure their needs are met. In a management meeting several years ago, our CEO shared the invitation EASE sent him to get updates on the status of surgery one of his family members was having in Florida. In this first introduction to the EASE application, we were very impressed with the reach and personalization of sharing real time status in Pennsylvania about a family member’s surgery in Florida.
After this introduction, LVHN assessed the EASE application and found a unique capability to improve services to patient’s families during stressful hospital events. LVHN worked with the EASE team to deploy the software and the project has been successful well beyond the vision of what this software could do.
While LVHN has supported patient portals for years, EASE is the first software application LVHN has deployed for the families of patients, and it clearly met a communication need, and provided a secure and trusted connection during the time families are most worried about a friend or family having clinical treatment.
LVHN first deployed the EASE software in December of 2017, and it has since been deployed to all seven LVHN hospital campuses. EASE is being used in all LVHN operating rooms and is now being rolled out to critical care units, and to cardiology Cath labs. Further expansion to the NICU and PICU care units is planned by the end of summer 2019.
To date LVHN our clinical team members have sent more than 75,000 EASE messages and the software has been used by over 8,500 families and loved ones. The geographic breadth of EASE for LVHN is amazing, families and friends in all 50 states have connected to the LVHN EASE application. A favorite metric of EASE use is that over 48,000 emojis have been shared by family and friends using EASE, LVHN has never tracked emoji use before!
One of the biggest benefits of using EASE is the ability to receive real-time, customizable survey feedback. In the LVHN real-time surveys, 96% of family and friends responding have said they “strongly agree” when asked if their experience with EASE showed a level of commitment to transparency and better communication. With the overwhelmingly positive feedback from these surveys, LVHN knows it has significantly decreased the anxiety during a loved one’s hospital stay at its hospitals. Some of our top comments received from patients/family members are listed below:
  • This app was awesome for my family that could not be there during the surgery.Would definitely recommend 😊
  • This system made our experience much less stressful, as we knew exactly what was going on and when / where we were needed.
  • I feel this is one of the greatest things created. Getting frequent updates puts your mind at ease during a very stressful time. Thank you so much
Michael Minear, MS, CHCIO
Senior Vice President and CIO

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