EASE Applications Featured in The Wall Street Journal

WSJ Family and Tech Reporter, Julie Jargon writes in-depth story on how EASE alleviates anxiety for families with loved ones in hospital

According to The Wall Street Journal, there are only so many crumpled magazines families can peruse while trying to stay “busy” in hospital waiting rooms without wanting to yell, “What’s going on in there?” Due to this prevalent problem with healthcare today, EASE was featured as an application that provides families with greater transparency – according to the article EASE “offers families a peek inside the operating room or NICU.”

The article highlights commentary from Dr. Mark Galantowicz, chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Galantowicz discusses how the EASE app convinced Nationwide Children’s to offer EASE to the families of every patient in its heart center as well as children having catheterizations. 

Additionally, the article features Tony Mehlich, the father of a patient at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has used EASE three times for his sons’ hospitalizations. Within the article, Mr. Mehlich said it was a huge relief and plan to use again. 

EASE has connected thousands of family members with one another seamlessly through has been proven to reduce overall anxiety and improve the family experience by the seamless transmission of updates from anywhere in the hospital. 

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