EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) Applications is Making Hospital Stays and Surgeries Less Stressful

Every year over 150 million surgeries are performed throughout the United States and millions of loved ones are left waiting anxiously as their friends and family members are wheeled into labor and delivery units, outpatient surgical centers, and hospital operating rooms. Historically, these surgical procedures have been performed both literally and figuratively “behind closed doors” with no access and limited information to those outside, making the wait for an update a nerve-wracking experience. Now imagine receiving a text that says “we have just inserted the stent and everything looks good” or receiving a short video from your doctor at the end of a surgery to let you know “your little one did great and I will be out to see you shortly”? Now you can put your anxiety at ease with EASE.

The EASE App Provides Communication and Reduces Anxiety

EASE was created to meet the need and demand from families for more access and inclusion into their loved one’s medical progress. EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) is a mobile app that allows medical personnel to share real-time customized texts, photos, and videos during surgery or NICU and ICU stays with a patient’s family and friends. The EASE app creates trust and improves the patient provider relationship by offering an unparalleled level of inclusion and transparency that has never been seen before in medicine. Doctors and nurses no longer need to explain a surgery from start to finish when approaching a family in the waiting room. With EASE, medical professionals can provide updates throughout a surgery, thus reducing your anxiety and keeping you informed throughout the procedure. Bryan Noblitt, father to open heart surgery patient Tanner, notes that “part of the stress is the unknown. Being able to know what’s going on and being able to see is definitely helpful…It makes us feel close to Tanner.” Another patient told EASE he “enjoyed a lot of peace from constant updates and being in the loop with everything from the other side of the wall.” Visit our website to see the testimonial.

How It Works

EASE is bringing hospital communication into the 21st century. The app is similar to the popular social media app that shares images, texts and videos in that content disappears after a minute and is not stored. But these posts are only shared from medical staff to whomever is signed up to see them — even to family members in other cities. Not only does the app provide peace of mind, it’s easy for everyone to use.


  • Register: The patient completes a simple registration, which will generate a EASE code that will be scanned by their healthcare professional.
  • Choose: The patient chooses the type of updates they want sent: texts; texts and photos; or texts, photos and videos (provided the surgeon allows all three).
  • Invite: The patient chooses the friends and family members they wish to receive updates.
  • Scan Code: The patientshows their medical provider their QR Code to get scanned and provide an update.

Friends and Family Members:

Simply download the app for FREE from either the Apple or the Android Store to your own mobile device and families will be sent a 4 digit code to gain access to receive updates.

Security and Privacy

EASE keeps protected health information safe by using 256-bit encryption (the same level of security used by banks and credit card companies) to protect all communications. Plus, once a picture or video is received, loved ones have 60 seconds of viewing time before the update disappears, and nothing is stored on either the sending or receiving devices.

Created by doctors for families, EASE is the modern and innovative way to communicate, increase patient satisfaction, increase loyalty, and truly connect families, physicians, and health care workers. For more information, visit

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