EASE featured in the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst

Improving Communication from the Operating Room: A New Mobile Application to Enhance the Family Experience

The featured case study examines the evolution of EASE and the impact on patient satisfaction through the Press Ganey survey. See full article here. 


Key takeaways included 

  1. The use of a mobile application to communicate in real-time from the operating room enhances the family experience and improves satisfaction.

  2. Physicians and nurses report that this method of updating the family is more efficient, reliable, valuable, and enjoyable than the traditional phone call.

  3. Communication is a vital component of the health care experience, and the surgical operating room has often lagged behind other areas in keeping families informed.

  4. The utilization of real-time text and visual updates with mobile technology is an efficient and effective tool that has been embraced by physicians, nurses, patients, and their families.

  5. Successful adoption and implementation of electronic communication requires a cultural change within an organization. Buy-in from executive administration, the legal office, the compliance office, and medical leadership is necessary.

  6. Adoption and implementation of innovations in health care can follow a phased process that identifies innovators to test the process and then allows expansion to occur organically.

  7. Providing enhanced communication has been shown to improve the patient experience and increase satisfaction scores and other valuable metrics.

EASE enables hospitals with the ability to communicate and educate patient’s families throughout the entire hospital experience. Doctors and nurses can send texts, photos and videos throughout preop, surgery ,PACU, PICU and NICU experiences. Hospital communication and increasing patient satisfaction is now easier than ever before. Improving hospital communication can have a direct impact on patient satisfaction and hospital experience.  Learn more about how EASE is improving Press Ganey scores through hospital communication and transparency.


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