“Like Snapchat from the operating room”

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Update your patients and families with secure text, photo, and video updates that disappear to increase communication and improve the experience. Vocera Ease is more than just a medical app. Measure patient satisfaction with real-time surveys, collect physician and hospital reviews and receive foundation donations in a whole new way.

Protect hospital staff and keep patients safe

Visitor restrictions have increased due to COVID-19 and hospital staff now face additional communication disruptions with patients and their loved ones. Across the country, Vocera Ease is being used to protect hospital staff, keep patients safe and aid in social distancing. The Vocera Ease patient communication solution allows hospitals to send one-way HIPAA compliant messages to the family of patients, keeping them updated, and offsite from the hospital. Utilize Vocera Ease’s app or web dashboard to send updates from surgery, isolation areas, the ICU and Medical Floor. Learn how it works.

No anxiety, just peace of mind.

Send HIPAA compliant texts, photos, and videos directly to loved ones to improve communication, reduce anxiety, and increase patient satisfaction.

Give a digital hug.

Update your families throughout the NICU stay to keep them informed and educated on their loved one. Sending updates to families throughout the NICU stay has been proven to raise patient satisfaction. See research study.

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Update in real-time

from the ER, Perioperative experience, ICU and Medical Floor.

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