Securely update a patient's family throughout surgery.

Updates with EASE

Staying updated during every step of the medical procedure will keep your patient’s family and friends educated and informed on their loved one’s progress.  Send HIPAA compliant texts, photos, and videos directly from the operating room to improve communication, reduce anxiety, and increase patient satisfaction.  No longer do they need to be in the dark on how their family member’s surgery is progressing.

No anxiety, just peace of mind.


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HIPAA Compliant & Secure EASE has partnered with Kony and Amazon’s AWS to process, maintain, and store protected health information. Security Features

EASE OR is built for updating from the Operating Room,
Cath Lab, Radiology and GI Suites.

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Watch the impact EASE is having on Adult Surgeries

Watch the impact EASE is having on Pediatric Surgeries

Watch the impact EASE is having on Adult Surgeries


Send updates throughout the entire hospital stay. EASE EX is built for the ICU, NICU and Medical Floor. Learn More Learn More