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Ease Applications is a Health Care app that can send HIPAA compliant text updates to your families from the operating room, NICU, ICU and medical floor with EASE.

Update your patients and families with secure text, photo, and video updates that disappear to increase communication and improve the experience.

Measure patient satisfaction with real-time in app surveys.


Scan and Update

EASE is built to help you improve patient experience and engagement through communication.  Securely update your families from Preop, Surgery, PACU, NICU, ICU and the medical floor.  Simply scan a patient’s wrist band bar code and you can send HIPAA compliant updates throughout the entire hospital experience.
Communicating and increasing patient satisfaction is now easier than ever.  Send HIPAA compliant texts, photos, and videos directly to loved ones to improve communication, reduce anxiety, and increase patient satisfaction.  No longer do they need to be in the dark on how their family member’s surgery is progressing.

No anxiety, just peace of mind.


Communicate with EASE Watch "Revolutionizing the way hospitals communicate" PLAY VIDEO

Update in real-time from the Operating Room,
Cath Lab, Radiology and GI Suites.

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Updates from the NICU Watch how you can keep your families connected PLAY VIDEO
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Survey patients
in real-time

Instant feedback is now available on all your patients.  Don’t wait months for the results of an in-home paper survey.  EASE allow you to not only communicate with your families, but also measure satisfaction levels instantly and problem solve any issues that arise.  Customizable surveys are instantly sent to all users, so you know what is happening and how to address it. Ask the questions you want as things are happening in real-time.

Customer experiences patient satisfaction at hospitals around the country. Customer Stories Learn about the impact EASE is having on

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