EASE MD Frequent questions

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What if I forget my password?

1.  Within the sender app:

– Click “Forgot Password” on the Login page. Enter your work email address and hit submit.  A link to create a new password will be sent to the email.

2.  From a computer:

You can reset your password at


I took a picture or video and the button is greyed out and I cannot send?

All photos and videos require a text message, so make sure you send a text explanation with each photo and video.

What if I forgot to sign out?

It is important to always sign out as that generates the survey on the families phone immediately.  If you forget, EASE automatically logs you out after 3 hours of inactivity.

The family cannot download the app to their device?

The EASE app is only compatible with recent versions of phones. If the family has an older generation device, insufficient memory to download the app, or are having any other issues, loan them a hospital device (e.g. iPod or iPad) that has the EASE receiver app loaded.

How come I can’t invite friends and families on a iPad or Ipod?  

In order to invite other family members to receive updates you need a phone that has text messaging enabled.  If a family is using a loaner deceive they will not be able to add family/friends from a loaned device.

The EASE app is stuck sending a message (continuous rotating sending bar)? 

Likely due to a lost internet connection.  Check your devices internet connection   and, if functioning, simply close the app (Do not END THE SESSION) and reopen it.  You should still be logged into that patient’s EASE session. You may have to resend that update as it could have been lost due to the lost internet connection.

What to do if a family shows up with two phones with separate QR codes for a single OR case?

EASE only allows one QR code per patient.  The initial person consenting/registering has to add all other recipients. Who ever signs the paper consent form should be the one registering the surgery.


Still having issues please call our support team at



Can’t find EASE in the app store?

Search “ease applications”, scroll down, look for the EASE icon.

If app not found in the app store, the families phone may be too old to support the EASE app.  In that case, loan a hospital device (e.g. iPods or iPad) with the    EASE receiver app already loaded on to it.

The primary Family/Friend who registered gets disconnected?

Make sure that you have a functioning wifi or data connection to the internet.  EASE cannot work without being connected to the internet.

By simply opening the app again, you should be reconnected to your EASE   session.  If not, the access code for that EASE session is emailed to the   registered email at time of registration.  You can input the access code and the mobile phone number to log back into your EASE session.

Someone that was added to receive updates is disconnected?

They can use the access code that was texted to them and their mobile phone number to reconnect to the session by inputting them into the app.

Can a family member or friend be added once the EASE session has started?

No, once started, the system locks and nobody else can be added.

Can the preferences (types of updates) be changed after a session has started?:

No, you cannot change your preferences (texts only, texts and photos, or texts,   photos and videos) once the session has started.

Can someone not in my contacts list be added to receive updates?

Yes, click on the top of the invite screen where the names appear and manually enter in the phone number of the person you would like to receive EASE updates.

Can I share the access code sent to me with someone else?

No, each access code sent out to a selected recipient must match that recipient’s phone number to connect to the EASE session.  Access codes cannot be shared.

The hospital WiFi malfunctions and the app gets stuck?

Check the internet connection (either wifi or data).  If wifi continues to malfunction, consider switching to the phone’s data connection to the internet (note that individual data usage rates may apply).

Once reconnected, close the EASE app and re-open.