If your loved one was having surgery what would you prefer?

EASE                VS                 EMR MODULE

Evaluating EASE vs the communication module in your Electronic Medical Record?

Experience the difference with EASE.

App deployment EASE uses no IT resources to implement and deploy. EMR modules require the latest version of an EMR and IT resources to implement and maintain. Download our app and start.
Customizable HIPAA compliant communication EMR modules send SMS text messages that are not HIPAA compliant if they contain PHI. For that reason they can only send generic nondescript updates and open the door for HIPAA violations should your nurses send PHI via SMS text. EASE meets all HIPAA requirements so you can communicate freely.
Messages Disappear All EASE messages disappear from recipients within 60 seconds of viewing.
Created For All Hospital Workflows EASE is tied to the patient’s medical bracelet. Update with an app throughout the hospital stay in all clinical areas including surgery. EASE goes everywhere and you aren’t stuck at a computer.
EASE pays for itself Accept donations to your foundation right through the app from all recipients.
Hospital Branding EASE can be customized with your hospital’s logo. Extend your brand around the world.
Picture and Video Utility Pictures and videos have been proven to increase satisfaction scores. With EASE you can communicate the way we all do, through texts, photos and videos. EMR modules only allow generic pre-made text messages.
Survey in Real Time Survey recipients after every experience to measure and document the success of the EASE program. EMR modules cannot provide data supporting their impact on satisfaction scores and patient experience.
Nurse Engagement Families can “react” to messages on receipt with emojis, providing your nurses with feedback and increase nursing engagement.
Clinical Expert Installation Team The EASE team leverages MD’s and RN’s to install and train your staff onsite. Who will train your team on the EMR module?
Increases Press Ganey Scores The EASE Program has been proven to increase HCAHPS scores. EMR modules have no data or scientific studies supporting the impact on satisfaction scores.
Pre-Made Messages in Nine Languages Pre-made phrases for Pre-op, Surgery, PACU, ICU and Medical Floor in nine languages. English, Arabic, Chinese, Creole, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
No IT Support Required The EASE app automatically updates, always ensuring the latest version. EMR modules require hospital IT departments to maintain, upgrade and manage the platform.
Add All Family Members to Receive Updates With EASE, the patient chooses all recipients of messages prior to surgery. They could be anywhere in the world. EMR modules limit the amount of family members a patient can add.
Pre-Made Messages EASE has pre-made phrases for all areas of the hospital for quick and efficient messaging without having to type, while maintaining the flexibility to customize.
24/7 Customer Support EASE does not use an answering service. All EASE support staff are US based.
HIPAA Compliant EASE meets HIPAA requirements
SOC-2 Type Certified EASE is built on SOC2-Type 2 certified platforms. Certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
Security – Veracode and Penetration Assessments Independently tested to verify security and protection of hospital PHI.

EASE Experience

EMR Module Experience

Lehigh Valley Health Network Chair, Department of Surgery and Director of Perioperative Services on the impact EASE has on patient care and nursing.

Arnold Palmer Hospital President Cary D’Ortona on the EASE App

HSHS hospital using EASE app to connect to patients and families in Illinois

EASE connects to the standard patient medical bracelet.

Workflow ensures you can update
anywhere in the hospital safely.

EASE has been proven to increase
Press Ganey Satisfaction scores. EMR texting modules have not.

The influence of improved communication on Press Ganey Scores throughout a 6 month evaluation, Press Ganey scores were analyzed and demonstrated a steady increase as the EASE program became more widely adopted and utilization increased.
Press Ganey Patient Experience Scores increased 4.6% in a top box hospital. See multiple studies showing EASE improves scores. 


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