St. Louis Children’s Hospital utilizes EASE Applications to keep families connected during surgery.

St. Louis Children’s hospital is part of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University system and one of the first hospitals to utilize EASE.  St. Louis Children’s uses EASE to update families during surgery throughout the entire process.  Dr. Pirooz Eghtesady was a surgeon with a vision for transparency and family centered care.  Dr. Eghtesady and his team spearheaded the program and continue to not only deliver incredible patient care, but also a family centered experience.

Click to see the article on the impact EASE had on one family’s heart surgery.

Melton and her family were able to try out the technology while Wynter was at St. Louis Children’s Hospital for the nearly three-hour open heart surgery.

“It was a lot less stressful than the first surgery. I got updates about every 30 minutes and could see pictures of what they were doing,” Melton said. “It was pretty cool. I saw a picture of her heart after they repaired it.”

EASE allows hospital staff to update families through secure and HIPAA compliant medical communication.  All messages disappear after 60 seconds and the patient can select all of the family and friends they want to keep updated.  Learn More.

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