Family/Patient Satisfaction is paramount for Your Hospital

When it comes to the hospital experience, it’s important to keep family members and loved one’s top of mind. It can be a difficult and wearing process for them as they await news on a loved one while not being in the comfort of their own home. 

EASE Applications has been proven to reduce overall anxiety and improve the family experience by the seamless transmission of updates from the OR, ICU and medical floor. The app allows for customizable surveys to families and loved ones in real-time, which allow nurses and clinical team members to troubleshoot problems as they arise. 

The real-time feedback collected from families is critical to hospital success. This allows the hospital to collect the valuable patient satisfaction data they need for efficiency and process improvement. These survey data results are supplied back to the hospital to improve and track patient satisfaction. Learn more hereabout how EASE is increasing patient satisfaction, improving secure medical communication and improving patient experience.

Because the app offers real-time feedback, nurses have found the communication to be incredibly rewarding, not disruptive to their day, creates more efficiency and has proven to be more valuable to the family. 

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