EASE featured in TechTarget

For families waiting on a loved one undergoing a procedure in the OR, updates are their saving grace. A secure texting app provides updates right from the OR.  Kristen Lee of TechTarget interviews CEO / Co- founder Patrick de la Roza and Dr. Hamish Munro Co-Founder on the evolution of EASE.  The article also highlights Kara Dobson, a circulating nurse at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and her experience updating families during surgeries.   Before EASE, families would either get a phone call from one of the nurses in the operating room or a nurse practitioner would stop by the OR, get an update from the staff tending to the patient and then go find the family and update them. “It was more difficult, for sure,” Dobson said.

See the full TechTarget article here.

EASE has created an immediate impact of satisfaction scores and the overall family experience.  EASE has also seen improvements in the provider / patient relationship. Learn more about the impact of EASE on patient satisfaction scores and the benefits of secure medical communication. is the health care technology professional’s how-to guide to building and managing an electronic health care infrastructure. provides free unbiased news, analysis, resources and strategies for health care IT professionals that manage health care operations for hospitals, medical centers, health care networks and other providers. is part of the CIO/IT Strategy network of sites from TechTarget, the Web’s most comprehensive source of information for IT and business professionals who are purchasing, deploying, managing and developing technology at today’s leading organizations.

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