Hospital Nurses are Integrating Technology to Increase Efficiency

Nurses are more technologically equipped than ever, allowing them to communicate quicker, receive faster test results, increase patient safety, and perform more efficient charting and scheduling. Unfortunately, spending time with outdated systems and on tasks that do not directly contribute to patient care not only creates gaps in efficiency but can quickly contribute to burnout in nurses. Properly incorporated technology should assist nurses with being able to better perform their tasks, increase their productivity, decrease their physical exertion, and also ensure their patients receive the best medical treatment possible. 

Vocera Ease 
Nurses are mobile and often do not have time to sit at a computer to send messages. Ease is in their pocket on a mobile device so they can send updates to patients’ loved ones from Pre-op, Surgery, PACU, ICU, NICU, ED and throughout the hospital. Nurses simply scan the patient’s medical bracelet to open a compose screen where they can enter a specific message or choose from a menu of fully customizable pre-made messages in English and other languages for quick updates or to communicate with non-English speaking family members. Recipients can then “like,” “heart,” and “thank” the nurses in real-time for their messages with Ease Reactions emojis. Nurses love Ease because it provides a consistent form of communication with the patient’s family. This modern form of communication has been proven to promote nursing engagement and improve the patient/provider relationship. 

Technology and The Future of Nursing: Vocera Ease 
The Ease app reduces anxiety, provides information, and offers an unparalleled level of inclusion and transparency for patients and families. Ease is being used to improve convenience and access to care, lead to better patient experience, and build a more efficient healthcare system. For more information about Ease, or to request a demo contact us today.