How Hospitals Can Improve Patient Satisfaction and Patient Engagement with EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) Applications

A proven medical communication platform, EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events), is a mobile app that allows clinicians to send customized texts, photos, and videos from the operating room to family and friends in the waiting room (and beyond) utilizing secure encryption in order to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Decrease Family Anxiety with Increased Communication

One of the most anxiety provoking experiences a family can ever have is when one of their loved ones is having surgery. EASE was created to meet the need and demand from families for more access and inclusion into their loved one’s medical progress. Doctors and nurses no longer need to approach an apprehensive family after a surgery and explain what was done from start to finish. With EASE, medical professionals can reduce a family’s anxiety by providing updates throughout a surgery to a patient’s family, thus reducing their anxiety and keeping them informed throughout the procedure. EASE is currently being used by hospitals across the United States to provide transparency, increase patient engagement and improve satisfaction.

As one mother said, having used EASE during her child’s surgery, “I felt like I was in the surgery room with her, it’s like she never left my arms.”

Utilizing Today’s Technology to Provide Secure Inclusion and Transparency

We live in an age of instant communication and people telling stories of their lives through pictures and videos on social media. EASE is allowing hospital communication to catch up to today’s technology. With EASE, you can share a real-time, HIPAA compliant text message, picture, or short video clip from the operating room, creating an unparalleled level of inclusion and transparency that has never been seen before in medicine. EASE abides by the same health care regulations (HIPAA and HITECH) that your hospital uses to keep protected health information safe and EASE uses 256-bit encryption (the same level of security used by banks and credit card companies) to protect all communications. Plus, all texts, photos, and videos disappear after 60 seconds of viewing them, with nothing saved to a device.

Non-Disruptive Integration

Developed by anesthesiologists with an intimate knowledge of the requirements of an active operating room, the EASE program is easy for all to use, fast, and non-disruptive to the busy workflow of a surgical procedure. Its efficiency makes communication simple and secure. To send updates, EASE is connected to the patient’s medical bracelet and updating is as simple as scanning the patient’s wrist band with the EASE app. Research conducted by EASE has shown that families feel increasingly anxious if they have not heard anything for approximately 30 minutes. With this in mind, the app sends an audible update reminder every 30 minutes to the circulating nurse. Medical personnel have found this reminder very helpful and not to interrupt their workday. “It is so seamless, it just becomes second nature,” says pediatric cardiac surgical nurse Kara Dobson, BSN, RN, PCCN, “I can send a quick text and keep going.” With EASE you can securely update your families from Pre-op, Surgery, PACU, NICU, ICU and the medical floor. Simply scan a patient’s wrist band bar code and you can send HIPAA compliant updates throughout the entire hospital experience.

Achieve the Triple Aim with EASE

As hospitals strive to achieve the triple aim of increasing patient satisfaction, improving population health, and reducing the cost per capita of healthcare;

With 30% of hospital reimbursement being tied to patient satisfaction, hospitals are looking for unique and innovative ways to improve not only the patient experience, but also that of their loved ones. EASE gives hospitals a powerful tool to improve patient and family satisfaction. The type of patient communication provided by EASE increases the bond between medical professionals, patients, and patients’ families, leading to better hospital satisfaction scores and increased patient loyalty.

EASE Successes

EASE is currently being used by hospitals across the United States to alleviate anxiety, provide transparency, and improve satisfaction. The annual U.S. News Best Children’s Hospitals rankings offer guidance to parents seeking the best place for their very sick child. EASE is proud to be in two of the top 10 Best Children’s Hospitals 2017-18: Texas Children’s Hospital (ranked #4) and Nationwide Children’s Hospital (ranked #7). EASE is also proud to be in St. Louis Children’s Hospital (ranked #31) and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children (ranked #43 in cardiology).

EASE is the modern and innovative way to communicate, increase patient satisfaction, increase loyalty, and truly connect families, physicians, and health care workers. For more information, visit

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