Peace of Mind For Every Waiting Room.

Video messages
from clinicians

Stop searching for your families after surgery. Let them know when you are done and ready to speak with them. Send updates directly to your families to relieve anxiety and have them waiting to speak to you.

Communicate in a modern way.

Nervous to send pictures? You don’t always have to send a picture, however our research has shown higher satisfaction scores when you send pictures to families. We supply you with protocols, nursing policies and scripts to ensure proper doctor and nursing to family communication.

Healthcare communication
made easy.

Keep families updated and informed from the PICU, Adult ICU, Radiology and Medical Floor.

Connect visitors locked out of the hospital.

Ease gives you a tool to reduce calls to the floor and keep patients and staff safe. Your COVID-19 response plans are in place and communication with families is a challenge, now you can easily communicate and keep them updated.

Full transparency equals higher satisfaction.

Ease modernizes hospital communication and improves patient experience. Connecting your patients loved ones during surgery is in the palm of your hands.

Communicate to your families from
the NICU and increase satisfaction scores.

See Ease in action at the Arnold Palmer Hospital 140 bed NICU.

Ease App became lifeline for
new parents during Hurricane Irma.

Ease ER makes Emergency Room communication Easier.

Keep patients updated on the process and next steps. Keep anxious families up-to-date on progress and next steps.

Emergency Room communication
at your fingertips.

Use the Ease ER web dashboard on a PC or Mobile tablet. Easily communicate throughout the experience.
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Transform the Emergency Room experience

Ease ER enables you to communicate efficiently and seamlessly throughout the experience. Integrate with your EMR to have messages sent based on milestones along with custom messages.
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