Lehigh Valley Health Network uses surgery app to reduce waiting-room stress for patients’ families

For anyone who has spent hours pacing or praying while a relative is in surgery, the EASE technology being used in all of Lehigh Valley’s hospital networks may be a godsend.

For the past year, Lehigh Valley Health Network has been using a smartphone app that sends surgery updates to patients’ family members and friends to reduce anxiety during long procedures.

“When you have a loved one in surgery, your anxiety spikes every 30 minutes if you haven’t heard anything,” said Patrick de la Roza, the Electronic Access to Surgical Events company’s co-founder and CEO.

Through the app, patients can choose to send pictures, videos and updates on the stages of their operation. Nurses are tasked with sending those updates every half hour or so, said Hope Johnson, an operating room nurse who oversaw the team that implemented LVHN’S use of the EASE app.

If doctors need to talk to a patient’s family, they can send a message to meet in the waiting room.

See the full story here from The Morning Call.

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