Levine Children’s Hospital EASEs Families in Heart Center

When it comes to providing families with real-time procedure updates the team at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC has it down to an easy science. Levine Children’s Hospital is part of Atrium Health, one of the largest health system in the Carolinas and has been using EASE Applications in its CVOR and Cath/EP Labs since spring 2019. EASE Applications has helped the nurses at Levine Children’s immensely when it comes to breaking down traditional communication barriers they experienced before using EASE. 

“Prior to EASE, families were updated via a patient liaison in the waiting room,” said Dr. Matthew Schwartz, with Atrium Health Levine Children’s. “Multiple family members have mentioned that when they would hear the phone ring it was a source of anxiety as they did not know if the message was going to be for them. This anxiety of waiting for a phone call made them feel as if they needed to stay stationary within the waiting room, as they did not want to miss an update,” said Dr. Schwartz.

According to the nurses at Levine Children’s Hospital, EASE has helped bring freedom and mobility for families anxiously awaiting updates during their child’s procedure to move about the hospital and has helped families more effectively cope with their anxiety of their child being in a procedure.

Not only has EASE increased efficiency, but staff have found it easier to send updates via EASE than making traditional phone calls.

“For our patients and families who are primarily Spanish speaking, the app has allowed us to more accurately update on the progress of their child,” said Dr. Schwartz at Levine Children’s Hospital. Through the app, we are able to send messages in Spanish directly to the family and eliminate the need of an interpreter or interpreter communication device,” said Dr. Schwartz

The team at Levine Children’s has overwhelmingly enjoyed using EASE as it has allowed for more staff to connect with families that previously would have not had the opportunity to do so.  Since April 2019, Levine Children’s Hospital has sent nearly 3,000 messages to families in more than 20 states across the U.S. and has also received a nearly perfect EASE score of 9.9/10.

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