Messaging App Connects Health Care Providers with Patient Families During Procedures

Children’s Hospital Association – How an app can help reduce family members’ concerns during their child’s procedure as highlighted by the The Children’s Hospital Association.

Today, the simplicity and usability of apps create a new pathway to shared information, making technology an asset to families and the health care team. At Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, family members receive real-time operating room updates throughout their child’s surgery on a mobile app called Electronic Access to Surgical Events (EASE). EASE is an app that enhances communication between health care providers and patient families and improves the health care experience.

See the full article by Kaitlin Taylor RN, B.S.N., CNOR at Nationwide Children’s in the The Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) website. The Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) advances child health through innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care with our children’s hospitals.

EASE enables hospital clinicians with the ability to securely send updates to patient families throughout the hospital experience. HIPAA compliant texting is now easier than ever with EASE secure messaging. Increasing patient satisfaction scores and improving patient communication is now at your fingertips. EASE is surgery texting and family communication in the hospital made easy. Learn more.

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