NGPX The Conference for Patient Experience Innovators

We are honored that EASE CMO and co-Creator Dr. Kevin de la Roza was a featured speaker at NGPX 2017-The Conference for Patient Experience Innovators in San Diego, CA. He presented on “Beyond the Pre-Op Doors the use of digital media for family updates.” In his presentation he highlighted the evolution of communication during surgery, the evolution of hospital initiatives to improve patient satisfaction and the use of digital technology to improve the patient and family experience. The speakers and attendees were from the top hospitals from around the country and provided an engaged and thought provoking look at ways to improve the patient experience. 

NGPX is an annual conference where America’s top minds meet for idea-share, intimate networking events, and to learn about the latest advances in PX technology. Together, we are changing patient experience for the better around the country.


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