Orlando Sentinel – EASE app gives families peek into how surgery is going

EASE continues to grow and spread to nationally recognized hospitals around the country. EASE has such a huge impaction patients and their families throughout their experience. “It was night and day,” said Carol, whose adopted son has a serious heart condition and had his first surgery at Arnold Palmer Hospital before the EASE app was available. “[After EASE] we were getting photos, which was absolutely amazing because you’re like, oh my gosh, they were opening him up or they were explaining this is what we’re doing now. We felt like we were there.”

“There’s no reason hospitals should be letting families sit in the waiting room in the dark. The technology is here, it is easy to implement and proven to increase patient satisfaction.” – CEO of EASE Applications

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EASE enables hospitals to communicate with their patients and families throughout the entire hospital experience. Create a culture of transparency, increase patient satisfaction and improve the patient provider relationship with EASE. Learn more.

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