“Like Snapchat from the operating room,

EASE app eases anxiety for patient families”

– St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch front page article on EASE

The article highlights the experience of the St. Louis Children’s staff and the family of Tanner, a 3 year old boy having open heart surgery.

“Patients have no clue what happens in there, and it causes a tremendous amount of anxiety,” said Dr. Pirooz Eghtesady, chief cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “The operating room is the only part that is not visible.”

Eghtesady has spent years trying to figure out how to make the operating room more accessible to his patients. He finally found the answer in a smartphone app, now available for every heart surgery at the hospital.

“Part of the stress is the unknown. Being able to know what’s going on and being able to see is definitely helpful,” said Tanner’s dad, Bryan Noblitt, 30. “It makes us feel close to Tanner.”

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A nurse’s perspective on
updating families during surgery

“St. Louis Post-Dispatch”