The Importance of Transparency in Healthcare

Although hospitals and healthcare as a whole have tremendously evolved within the past 50 years, one of the areas within the hospital that has remained reluctantly the same is the family waiting room. We’re all too familiar with the uncomfortable chairs, stale magazines and rudimentary surgery boards that provide a difficult experience waiting for a loved one. Not only is EASE making waiting rooms a thing of the past, but also reducing anxiety and improving the transparency for family members and patients alike. 

One of the biggest benefits of using EASE is the increase in transparency from clinician to family – families no longer need to left in the dark with how their loved one is doing in surgery, or other areas throughout the hospital. Families overwhelmingly agree– when asked if EASE showed a commitment to transparency and communication by the hospital, 96 percent of those surveyed responded with “strongly agree”. 

There has been recent momentum surrounding transparency in healthcare, which comes from The Trump Administration wanting to release an executive order of healthcare price transparency. According to a recent Forbes article, the order would make it easier for patients and employers to comparison shop for healthcare. 

As other areas in the healthcare space are working on increasing transparency, EASE will continue to improve relationships between clinicians and families by keeping an open line of conversation and updates. 

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