How Video Conferencing is Improving Hospital Patient and Family Communication

The way in which many of us live our lives today is quite a bit different than how we did just a year ago. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to adjust how “we’ve always done” many things. From remembering to wear a mask the minute you step outside the comfort of your home, or giving a new acquaintance an elbow bump rather than a hand shake upon meeting, or jumping on a virtual call for your weekly office meetings, life today is different. Honestly, it’s probably going to be different for quite a while.

And as we all know, COVID-19 has greatly affected all areas of the healthcare industry as well. It has brought about changes and updates in technology, including the increased adoption of video conferencing among hospital patients, their families, and staff. In addition to keeping doctors, nurses, and hospital staff protected, video conferencing has helped to create a richer, more human connection for patients and their loved ones and has improved several other areas of patient care, too.

Improved Communication Between Patients and Health Care Teams

Effective communication is not only necessary, but critical when dealing with the health and wellbeing of patients. And, when it comes to patient care delivery, doctors and nurses need to be able to observe the condition of their patients and talk directly with them. The use of video conferencing allows healthcare providers to do just that, while also maintaining social distancing and adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols and recommendations.

Coordinating care among multiple health care providers is always a challenge but video conferencing with patients in the hospital can make the process run more smoothly. Video conferencing allows the patient to stay in one place while their entire team of health care providers communicates, consults, and advises in real-time thanks to immediate access to photos, scans, and other relevant patient information. Video conferencing truly takes the frustration out of this level of patient care and ultimately saves time as well.

Improved Access to Healthcare Specialists

Imagine having a rare condition that only a handful of doctors specialize in, and imagine those doctors are hundreds of miles from where you live. No doubt a situation like this would cause stress over the treatment plan and its related costs. With video conferencing however, patients get the opportunity to interact with medical specialists from around the world. This option expands access to care that a patient may not have geographically had access to if dependent on doctors and specialists within a geographic radius of the hospital in which they are a patient. As long as the patient and doctor have access to a reliable internet connection, consultations and diagnoses can be made whether patients are in the next town or in a different country.

Improved Video Conferencing with Vocera Ease 2-Way Video Conferencing

Visitor restrictions have increased due to COVID-19 and hospital staff now face additional communication disruptions with patients and their loved ones as a result. Across the country, Ease is being used to protect hospital staff, keep patients safe, and aide in social distancing. The Ease patient communication solution enables hospitals to conduct two-way HIPAA-complaint video calls with family of patients, keeping them updated, and offsite from the hospital.

Ease abides by the same healthcare regulations that hospitals and medical facilities use to keep health information protected—HIPAA/HITECH and 256-bit encryption (the same level of security used by banks and credit card companies). You can be confidant that all information exchanged within the Ease app remains protected and confidential. Ease is currently being used by doctors, hospitals, and care centers across the United States to keep patients and families informed and… at ease. No anxiety, just peace of mind.

Bonus: Ease customers have a competitive advantage over other healthcare providers who aren’t using the solution as a reliable manner of service. Don’t you want that, too? For more information or to request a demo, contact us today.