Fox 35 highlights the expansion of EASE at Arnold Palmer Medical Center

EASE App became lifeline for new parents during Hurricane Irma news story

EASE App connects parents
with their babies in NICU News story.

Winnie Palmer Hospital

Nurse Emily and Roxanne talk
about EASE in the NICU.

Nurse Emily Forbes, RN and Roxanne Baggott, RN at Winnie Palmer Hospital tell their perspectives on updating families from the NICU. EASE EX allows nurses to easily and securely message updates to families on their babies during the NICU stay. Now you can use HIPAA compliant texting to patients and families with EASE.

Baby McNeil’s NICU EASE
story at Winnie Palmer Hospital.

Baby Mia’s mother talks about the impact of EASE updates on her NICU experience. She highlights everything from they type of updates, to the impact on grandparents many miles away. EASE EX allows clinicians to update families on the status of patients in the NICU, PICU, ICU and medical floor.  It is like you never left your loved one’s side.